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AjGenesis is an open software project, that generates any text artifact, starting from free Models and Templates. You can define your own models and templates, they aren't fixed or predefined. This capability gives you lot of flexibility. The examples generates Java, JSP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C Sharp, PHP. The examples generate code for entities, pages, solution and project files, store procedures, DDL scripts, elements for Domain-Driven Design, and more...

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Current released version (January 2008)

AjGenesis 0.5

(Now, including AjGenesis Web Studio, a web interface to generate code)

Check out the trunk version, if you want to explore new features, as textual models, and more NHibernate code generation.

Previous released version (September 2006):

AjGenesis 0.4.3



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The license is based on Apache Software License, Versión 1.1.:

Angel "Java" Lopez

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