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There is a minimal documentation (in Spanish), included in the release file. No complete documentation yet. But lots of examples, from initial ones to complete solutions with databases, pages, and projects.

I keep a list of post written in Anglish (Angel's English :-) at
In Spanish at

Some initial posts, explaining the project, its concepts and use:

Code Generation with AjGenesis: A Hello World application

Application Generation using AjGenesis

Mas generación de código con AjGenesis (Spanish)

Generando Código: Hello World con AjGenesis (Spanish)

Generando aplicaciones con AjGenesis (Spanish)

Cómo generar código con AjGenesis sirviéndonos de NAnt (Spanish)

Preservando Código en AjGenesis (Spanish)

Generando Código para NHibernate (Parte 3) (Spanish)

Generando Código para NHibernate (Parte 2) (Spanish)

Generando Código para NHibernate (Parte 1) (Spanish)

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